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Technical articles

  • Quick tour: Eclipse Golo JVM Programming Language in the October 2016 Eclipse Newsletter.

  • Golo – A fast, low-ceremony, easy-to-learn language for the JVM in Oracle Java Magazine March/April 2016.

Research publications

  • Baptiste Maingret, Frédéric Le Mouël, Julien Ponge, Nicolas Stouls, Jian Cia and Yannick Loiseau. Towards a Decoupled Context-Oriented Programming Language for the Internet of Things. To appear in the 7th International Workshop on Context-Oriented Programming hosted at ECOOP 2015. Prague, Czech Republic. July 2015.

  • Julien Ponge, Frédéric Le Mouël, Nicolas Stouls, Yannick Loiseau. Opportunities for a Truffle-based Golo Interpreter. Technical report. arXiv:1505.06003 (cs.PL) and HAL-INRIA deposit

  • Julien Ponge, Frédéric Le Mouël and Nicolas Stouls. Golo, a Dynamic, Light and Efficient Language for Post-Invokedynamic JVM. In Procs. of PPPJ’13. Stuttgart, Germany. September 2013. DOI link. HAL-INRIA deposit. Slides.

Master Thesis

  • Raphael Laurent. Hardened Golo : Donnez de la confiance en votre code Golo. INSA-Lyon Telecom, June 2016. HAL-INRIA deposit

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