Now available: Eclipse Golo 3.3.0-M1

☃️ ❄️ We are happy to share with the community the first milestone of Golo 3.3.0!

This cut contains interesting bug fixes while the new features are mainly about cleaning the gololang.Predefined module and extracting topical modules (runtime, I/O, etc).

Many thanks to everyone making Golo a fun project 👍

What’s new in Golo 3.3.0-M1?

Bug fixed

  • Fixed #319 that allow function references to access private functions of other modules (#488)
  • Fixed #471 in property methods that prevented the use of regular methods (#489)
  • Fixed a bug in documentation generation when no documentation was provided for augmentations (#501)
  • Fixed a bug on function composition (#507)
  • The Maven plugin now compiles again (#502)

New features

  • Expressions can have local declarations (#485)
  • Prints a warning when using deprecated java elements (#500)
  • Return statements now support comment lines before the expression (#510)
  • The new gololang.Runtime module allows interacting with the Golo runtime environment (#505)
  • The new gololang.IO module has I/O related functions previously in gololang.Predefined (#506)


  • Golo has switched to the Eclipse Public License version 2.0

Copyright © 2024 INSA Lyon, CITI Laboratory and contributors.