Now available: Eclipse Golo 3.2.0 (release)

A bit more than one year after the last official release, we are pleased to share with you Eclipse Golo 3.2.0!

What’s new

Golo 3.2.0-M1 (2016/05/02)

  • Upgraded to JCommander 1.55.
  • Upgraded to ASM 5.1.
  • A new check command has appeared: it applies all compilation checks to source files, which is useful for integrating with editors to provide integrated error reporting.
  • _ is now allowed in floating numbers and negative exponent with scientific notation.
  • BigInteger and BigDecimal now have a literal notation with the _B suffix, as in 123_B or 123.5_B.
  • Operators have been extended to support BigInteger and BigDecimal types.

Golo 3.2.0-M2 (2016/06/13)

  • Golodoc UX improvements.
  • Support for unicode escaped chars in strings and chars literals.

Golo 3.2.0-M3 (2016/07/25)

  • OSGi metadata is now generated again (using the corresponding Gradle plugin).
  • New shebang runtime support for running Golo as scripts.

Golo 3.2.0-M4 (2016/09/05)

  • Bug fix for destructuring assignments inside closures.
  • Switch to Gradle 3.0.
  • Upgrade to a more recent version of JCommander.

Golo 3.2.0-M5 (2016/10/24)

(delayed to a further week due to a busy agenda)

  • Anonymous calls refactorings on chained calls.
  • Upgraded to Gradle 3.1.
  • Bug: the compiler would hang on unassigned var declarations.
  • Support for Java primitive types references (e.g., long.class).

Golo 3.2.0-M6 (2017/04/20)

  • Multiple imports from the same statement, as in import java.util.{Collections, Objects, stream.Collectors}.
  • Relative imports from the current module, as in import .bar.Baz.
  • Misc improvements of the struct generated classes.
  • Localisation in the compiler, CLI interface and runtime.
  • Fixed multiplication of strings by 0 that was not an empty string.
  • Implicit import of the current package (e.g., module foo.Bar implicitly has a import foo).
  • New catcher higher-order function.
  • Print a warning when unable to load a class.
  • Golodocs now have an index file.
  • Fixed a bug on self reference in closures.
  • The Golo source code is now compiled with the javac -parameters flag and with UTF-8 encoding.
  • Issues in dealing with named parameters from Java classes have been fixed.
  • Improvements to DynamicObject: new kind property to tag objects and a default toString method constructs a representation based on all properties values.
  • The JavaCC / JJTree generated code has now been moved to src/main/generated.
  • Golodoc now link to a HTML version of the corresponding source code elements.
  • Misc fixes.

Final version (2017/06/26)

  • Dynamic objects trees from JSON text.
  • golo-debug script to run a golo script in a debugger (jdb).
  • Range object and conversion functions for BigInteger and BigDecimal.
  • Add a new str predefined method to help concatenating strings.
  • The golo new command is improved, now having two different profiles, initializing the version control repository, and generating more file stubs.
  • Refactoring of the way the golodoc is generated (use the IR instead of the AST).

Special thanks

The original creator of Golo would like to thank Yannick Loiseau (now co-project lead), Sylvain Desgrais and Philippe Charrière for their amazing impact over the last year.

Thanks mates! 🙂

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