— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

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 Now available: Eclipse Golo 3.2.0 (release)

Under the trees

A bit more than one year after the last official release, we are pleased to share with you Eclipse Golo 3.2.0!

What’s new

Golo 3.2.0-M1 (2016/05/02)

Golo 3.2.0-M2 (2016/06/13)

Golo 3.2.0-M3 (2016/07/25)

Golo 3.2.0-M4 (2016/09/05)

Golo 3.2.0-M5 (2016/10/24)

(delayed to a further week due to a busy agenda)

Golo 3.2.0-M6 (2017/04/20)

Final version (2017/06/26)

Special thanks

The original creator of Golo would like to thank Yannick Loiseau (now co-project lead), Sylvain Desgrais and Philippe Charrière for their amazing impact over the last year.

Thanks mates! :-)

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