— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

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 Now available: Eclipse Golo 3.2.0-M3

INSA Fedora

We are glad to present you with the third milestone of Golo 3.2.0!

What’s new

OSGi metadata is back, and we can now run Golo as shebang-style scripts:

Here is how you could run a Golo script:

#!/usr/bin/env golosh
module hello

function main = |args| {
  require(args: length() > 1, "You should set at least one argument!")
  println("Hello " + args: get(1) + " from '" + args: get(0) + "'!")

Note that this new feature contributed by Sylvain Desgrais offers automatic loading of .jar and .golo files from the current directory and nested sub-directories, so you don’t even have to specify any kind of classpath.

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