Eclipse Golo has been terminated

The Eclipse Golo project has been terminated.

The developers have moved on to other personal and professional priorities. Migrating the code base beyond Java 8 has turned out to be too complex due to the Java Platform Module System introduced with Java 9 and strong encapsulation constraints.

We would like to thank all contributors and participants over the years for their enthusiasm!

Thanks for the ride, it's been a fun one 🙏

— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

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 Now available: Eclipse Golo 3.1.0


It is a great pleasure for us to announce both the release of Eclipse Golo 3.1.0 and the graduation of the project from the Eclipse incubator. This means that Golo is now a mature Eclipse Technology Project!

Many, many, many thanks to everyone who has contributed to Golo!

What’s new

Here is a quick recap of the 2 milestones that led to this release.

3.1.0-incubation-M1 (2016/01/14)

3.1.0-M2 (2016/03/02)

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