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 Golo 3.0.0 released

Coffee, what more?

Following the success of our first release review at the Eclipse Foundation, we are very pleased to announce the availability of Golo Eclipse 3.0.0!

After 2 years of development under the sole stewardship of INSA-Lyon, we announced last April our intention to make Golo an Eclipse Technology Project. The project entered incubation in June, and since then we have made lots of progress on the code base and got up to speed with the Eclipse development process.

What’s new

This release is a major change compared to Golo 2.1.0. The complete new and noteworthy list of changes is available from the Eclipse wiki, but here are the highlights:

Big thanks to…

Many thanks to our developers and contributors (in no particular order):

David Festal, Dan Allen, Daniel Petisme, Philippe Charrière, Franck Verrot, Thierry Chantier, Guillaume Grossetie, Jeff Maury, Kel Cecil, Yannick Loiseau, Julien Ponge, Sylvain Desgrais, Alexis Thomas, Romain Lespinasse, Cédric Champeau, Kitsune Tsuyusato, Guillaume Soldera, Serli SAS, Frédéric Le Mouël, Nicolas Stouls, Stefan Oehme and Jean-Baptiste Nizet.

We would also like to thank the following people for their support in making the transfer to the Eclipse Foundation possible:

Élodie Dos Santos (INSAValor), Nicolas Penet (INSAValor), Fabrice Valois (CITI-Inria laboratory), Étienne Juliot (Obéo), Gaëlle Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation), Sharon MacDonald (Eclipse Foundation), Janet Campbell (Eclipse Foundation), Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation), Matt Ward (Eclipse Foundation), Denis Roy (Eclipse Foundation), Jonas Helming (mentor, EclipseSource) and Konstantin Komissarchik (mentor, Oracle).

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