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 Golo Eclipse Technology Project Created!

It is a great pleasure to announce that we passed the creation review today, and that an incubating technology project has been created!

Golo is now officially incubating at the Eclipse Foundation. The initial set of committers will progressively join as paperwork is being filled.

We will soon prepare an initial contribution of the code base. It will be relicensed under the terms of the Eclipse Public License. The development will proceed in a new GitHub project under the eclipse organization umbrella. We will also move the current GitHub issues to the Eclipse Bugzilla once the project infrastructure has been provisioned (mailing-lists, etc).

At this stage we haven’t decided if we will keep the website here at golo-lang.org, or move to the eclipse.org domain. In any case the Eclipse Foundation is now the owner of the domain name.

We would like to thank again the CITI-Inria Laboratory, INSA-Lyon and all our contributors for supporting the project.

We look forward to further developing Golo at the Eclipse Foundation!

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