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 Golo to join the Eclipse Foundation? (updated)

Update 2015/04/02

Many readers thought of this announcement as an April Fools. In many ways it would have been a typical type of communication from us.

While we did choose the date on purpose, the only jokes here were about Bugzilla and Hudson.

Everything else is true: we do believe that joining the Eclipse community is the way forward, especially given the collaboration opportunities that could arise with many projects at the foundation.

So yes, we are really going to submit a proposal to the Eclipse Foundation!

Original post

An Eclipse

We are very excited to announce our intention to propose Golo to the Eclipse Foundation within the next few days!

Golo is currently managed by the Dynamid reseach team of the CITI-Inria laboratory at INSA-Lyon.

Golo is supported by a small and enthusiastic community that largely goes beyond the bounds of academia. Many language and runtime contributions have been done by individuals with no prior experience on programming language implementation. The community has also helped with support for Golo in Netbeans, Eclipse, popular text editors and the Gradle build tool.

We believe that now is the right time to give the project a chance to escape us, and this is why we are going to propose it to the Eclipse Foundation. We are very interested in the cross-pollinisation opportunities with the vibrant Eclipse community.

Of course one can think of the IDE and language-related projects (e.g., XText, DLTK, Ease), but Eclipse is larger than that. We are also very much interested in the IoT space where Eclipse has a very active community, and the polyglot vert.x provides a solid foundation for next-generation middleware and distributed applications.

Last but not least: we are looking forward to work with modern agile development tools: Hudson and Bugzilla.

We will let you know when a proposal is ready.


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