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 Golo News Roundup #9

Long time without news… we just got busy :-)

Latest changes in Golo

The current Golo 0-preview12 snapshots have some interesting changes.

Nested try/catch fixes

The try/catch instruction bytecode generation has been reordered so that the following code has correct semantics:

function nested_try = {
  try {
    try {
    } catch (ok) {
      return "ok"
  } catch (failed) {
    return "failed"

It properly returns "ok" instead of "failed" which is what the previous implementation would yield.

JSON module

The new gololang.JSON module provides JSON marshalling based on json-simple which is a lightweight JSON Java library.

Here is some sample code to JSON-ify some data structures:

let data = map[
  ["name", "Somebody"],
  ["age", 69],
  ["friends", list[
    "Mr Bean", "John B", "Larry"

let asText = JSON.stringify(data)

The other way around works, of course:

let data = JSON.parse(text)
println(data: get("name"))

Golodoc fixes

Philippe Charrière contributed a few fixes in the Golodoc generation.

New utility containers

We now have gololang.DynamicVariable which is a direct port of DynamicVariable from Scala.

We also introduced gololang.Observable, a nice and composable abstraction:

let foo = Observable("Foo")
foo: onChange(|v| -> println("foo = " + v))

let mapped = foo: map(|v| -> v + "!")
mapped: onChange(|v| -> println("mapped = " + v))

foo: set("69")


Yannick Loiseau provided a Golo syntax highlighting support for Pygments.

The next release of Golo will have syntax highlighted documentation.

The Pygments maintainers haven’t merged Yannick’s pull request yet, so meanwhile one needs to install Pygments from his fork.

Golo 1.0 release date

Golo 1.0 will be released on July 9th 2014.

This will mark the second of Golo since its first commit on July 9th 2012. At some point things need to be marked as “done”, hence doing this release is important.

Pull requests in progress

Sylvain Desgrais started working on Python-style decorators. You can already get his working code, and follow the discussion at https://github.com/golo-lang/golo-lang/pull/148

Daniel Petisme is currently working on string interpolation: https://github.com/golo-lang/golo-lang/pull/149

In the community

Until next time…

We will soon release Golo 0-preview12, followed by 1.0 release candidates.

Stay tuned!

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