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 Golo News Roundup #7

As you probably know from the last post, we were on holidays, and holidays are all about not working.

While there hasn’t been a flow of commits to Golo, we are far from having no news to share with you…

Golo in Conferences

Golo will appear at 3 events this fall.

How about actual code?

Leaving SourceForge

We were using a small number of services from SourceForge: file releases and forums. Recent policy changes are inherently bad, so we are leaving.

We have already migrated to Google Groups (hint: join us!).

Distribution releases are likely to happen through Maven Central, too. Our Maven POM has already been updated to attach the distribution assemblies as artifacts, meaning that they can be deployed to Maven repositories.

The later choice is not definite, though, so feel-free to suggest alternatives! As long as it can be automated with no efforts and that the service is solid, we will consider it.

Until next time, happy Golo-ing!

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