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 Ze Philippe Show


Our awesome Golo Developer Advocate Philippe Charrière did a 2 hours long talk at the Montpellier JUG June 2013 session.

Philippe is a sales guy with curriculum consisting of a mixture of business and IT courses. Still, he is a self-taught geek who codes a lot on the side to change his mind from Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can see him playing with web frameworks, a Raspberry Pi, or controlling a copter drone from his phone.

People like Philippe bring us back to sometimes forgotten values of the free software and opensource movements: sharing knowledge, seeing each others as peers rather than producer-consumers, and… having fun in the most disinterested manner.

His enthusiasm for Golo is especially touching for us academics, as it shows that what we do can go beyond papers, prototypes and classic industry transfer. That alone is a good enough justification for making Golo, a simple and approachable language for the JVM.


Here are the slides, videos (courtesy of the JUG crew) and demo code.

(subsequent content is in French)


Hour 1

Hour 2


Check out https://github.com/k33g/Golo34.

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