— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

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 Golo news roundup #5

Lyon that winter

What’s new in Golo?

In the community

Looking for ways to contribute?

We are always looking for community contributions!

A good way to start is to browse the open issues.

Among those issues, there are 3 of them that may be easy if you are new to Golo.

  1. Reworking the command-line interface to support subcommands just like Git or Ceylon.

  2. Supporting underscores in number literals is a simple parser work.

  3. Sylvain Desgrais opened a pull request a while back for supporting native code in Golo a while back. You could help Sylvain as the feature is interesting but not finished yet.

Until next time, have fun with Golo and let us know the kind of fun things you are doing with it!

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