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 Viral marketing thanks to Ninja Squad

We would like to take a moment to thank the awesome team at Ninja Squad for helping the Golo project. Ninja Squad offered us a bunch of nice stickers that we will be able to distribute at events to promote Golo.

We started distributing some last week at the Mix-IT conference which was a huge success in Lyon, France, gathering an impressive list of speakers.

You can see the Golo sticker used for viral marketing on some of the speakers laptops:

Alexis's laptop

Nicolas's laptop

Didier's laptop

No strings attached

It has to be said that Ninja Squad did this with absolutely no condition. We do not have to make any promotion of their activity, but because they are a small team of passionate people with similar values as ours, we will do anyway.

If you are looking for a small shop of developers, trainers and consultants who know what they are doing, talk to Ninja Squad.

They are based in France, but they can work remotely for you, too!

Thanks again Agnès, Cédric, Cyril and Jean-Baptiste!

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