— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

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 Golo is now open source software!

We are thrilled to make Golo an open source project today at the Devoxx France 2013 Conference!

Golo is a simple, dynamic language for the JVM developped by the DynaMid research project members of the CITI Laboratory at INSA-Lyon.

Built from day 1 with invokedynamic, Golo takes advantage of the latest advances of the JVM. It is also a showcase on how to build a language runtime with invokedynamic.

Golo now open source

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Big thanks to our early testers before Golo was made public!

(in no particular order)

Pierre Colomb, Olivier Coupelon, Cédric Exbrayat, Frédéric Le Mouel, Nicolas Stouls, Henri Gomez, Julien Viet, Philippe Charrière, Ludovic Champenois, Thierry Chantier, Daniel Petisme, David Gageot, David Festal, Gildas Cuisinier, Thomas Maurel, Yannick Loiseau, Alexis Plantin, Sylvain Desgrais, William Guyot, Agnès Crépet, Cyril Lacote.

Special thanks also go to our first external contributor David Festal and his employer Serli for having allocated David some time to develop a Netbeans module for Golo!

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