— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

Standalone distribution

Get Golo 3.4.0 from GitHub.


Release and milestone artifacts can be obtained from Maven Central.

The Golo library (runtime + compiler) Maven artifact is:


or from Gradle:

dependencies {
  implementation 'org.eclipse.golo:golo:3.4.0'
  // ...


Check out the Gradle Golo Plugin project by Marcin Erdmann.

Binaries are being released to Maven Central under the org.golo-lang group.

Native packages

Source code

The canonical repository is at https://github.com/eclipse/golo-lang.

We also have an organization at https://github.com/golo-lang where interesting projects from the wider community are invited to join.

Editors and IDEs support

Here are the projects that we are aware of:

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