Eclipse Golo has been terminated

The Eclipse Golo project has been terminated.

The developers have moved on to other personal and professional priorities. Migrating the code base beyond Java 8 has turned out to be too complex due to the Java Platform Module System introduced with Java 9 and strong encapsulation constraints.

We would like to thank all contributors and participants over the years for their enthusiasm!

Thanks for the ride, it's been a fun one 🙏

— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

Standalone distribution

Get Golo 3.4.0 from GitHub.


Release and milestone artifacts can be obtained from Maven Central.

The Golo library (runtime + compiler) Maven artifact is:


or from Gradle:

dependencies {
  implementation 'org.eclipse.golo:golo:3.4.0'
  // ...


Check out the Gradle Golo Plugin project by Marcin Erdmann.

Binaries are being released to Maven Central under the org.golo-lang group.

Native packages

Source code

The canonical repository is at

We also have an organization at where interesting projects from the wider community are invited to join.

Editors and IDEs support

Here are the projects that we are aware of:

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