Eclipse Incubation Egg

— a lightweight dynamic language for the JVM.

module hello.World

function main = |args| {
  println("Hello world")

The world didn't need another JVM language.
So we built yet another one. A simple one.

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(3.0.0 milestones)

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Golo documentation across releases.

We invite you to read the development version of the Golo Programming Language Guide.

You can also have a look at our publications, including papers and talks.

Oh, and we have javadocs and golodocs, too.



Golo is a simple dynamic, weakly-typed language that favours explicit over implicit. You should become a Golo programmer within hours, not days.


Built from day 1 with invokedynamic, Golo takes advantage of the latest advances of the JVM. It is also a showcase on how to build a language runtime with invokedynamic.


While we have great plans for Golo in our research projects, we also think that it can be useful for the larger Java community.